It Begins

As 2004 was in it's last weeks, the Hardrock / Rock 'n' Roll band "Carpetsurfers" disbanded after losing 2 guitar players. The remaining members were joined by everyone in the punk band "El Minorati" and founded Attempted Arson. The line-up at the time:

Ole Böttcher - Vocals
Patrick Tschackert - Vocals
Julian "Juli" Jonas - Guitar
Alexander Sambs - Bass
Sebastian "Warni" Warnholz - Synthesizer
Julian "JR" Rasmussen - Drums

Attempted Arson hit the stage for the first time on Jan. 24th 2005 or a charity concert in Seevetal.


After Sebastian left the Band erlier, JR also decided to quit over personal matters in the summer of 2005. The next weeks are marked by an unsuccessful search for a new drummer without finding an adequate replacement.

Then Maik Schröder hits the scene, wanting to audition as the new drummer. He doesn't even get to audition, because JR decides to re-join the Band. Maik joins Attempted Arson anyway as a second guitarist.


One year after the first gig and some changes in the line-up, Attempted Arson enter the Emergenza band contest and play the Logo in Hamburg.
Although nobody had thought this possible, Attempted Arson come out first place in the first round, even being first place in the world-wide rating for a short period of time.

The band then commences to play every available gig in Hamburg until being offered a management contract in November 2006. The deal with ASB Entertainment from Berlin includes a 3-year contract and the production of an entire album.


Attempted Arson's first release "Feed the Fire" hits the shelves in April 2007, with the release party being held in the Headbanger's Ballroom in Hamburg.
Alex decides to leave the Band in 2007 on friendly terms, stating musical differences. During auditions Attempted Arson meet Philipp Rosenzweig, who finally takes Alex's place as the bass player.
The rest of 2007 is marked by the band writing material for the first album.